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Often, hiring a hair & make-up artist isn’t all about their hair or make-up skills.

It’s about their ability to listen to your brief, follow it and use their experience to have the proper etiquette around your clients and deliver the type of look that suits the brief the most within the time and budget allocated.

If you have booked a make-up artist to “powder noses”, and have had a bad experience, you must have learned that painful lesson: the success of a shoot is not just about the amount of shine the make-up artist takes out from a client or a talent. Some skins require lots of work to look naturally beautiful on camera. You never know when someone will show up with an allergy or a face that shows they had no sleep for a bit. 

There is a lot of the work that is about interacting with the actor or the client & understanding the project’s needs.

When you hire a make-up artist, on top of her hair and make-up skills, you hire her experience in assessing the needs of the project, her etiquette, her knowledge of behaving around VIP clients & talents.

Hi I’m Pascale & I have been 17 years in this business.

From corporate shoots to big films, to intimate portraits shots with big actors, you can say my experience is wide & solid.

I had to decide in a split second what I should do having a person in the chair for 1mn only before they were on set. I had to cover up the results of a night crying out and not sleeping. I had to create dirty looks and natural beauties for period films and TV projects.

I love providing natural, realistic, true-to-period & character looks for small and big projects alike, from clean make-up and natural glow to a good scar-and-dirt look.

I am well also versed in personal branding and would never force a look on you (or your client) that is not aligned with the brand.

My background in French literature at Sorbonne University has given me a love for words and diving into scripts to understand the characters, to design looks that make sense for the story.

Former PA, organized, interested in systems and apps, you may be surprised by my geeky skills.


  • clean make-up
  • scars (Third degree, pro-bondo application)
  • tattoo cover
  • airbrush make-up
  • grooming & barbering
  • facial hair
  • modern hairstyling
  • period hair, including setting and dressing wigs
  • Marcel waves
  • laying on hair
  • Computer literate
  • Fluent in French and English

Paris to London, 17years of make-up adventures.

After 2 years training at ITM Paris, I started working on my own as a make-up artist : portrait photography, writers photographies for their book, TV shows, HD cameras workshops for DOP with SONY… Clients mostly gained through word of mouth, eager to find a make-up artist who deliver that natural, fresh, “back from a week-end in the countryside” look.

When I decided to move to London, it was a new beginning. New country, new network. Perfect occasion to pursue my long time dream of working on feature films. I took a short course to update my hair and make-up skills for the English film market and learn about period hair and wigs. I chosed CBMA, directed by award-winning Christine Blundell and with amazing tutors who all work in the industry. There, I met my 1st English friends, got my 1st experiences on a film, Sherlock Holmes, and my 1st contacts for work.

Since, I have been really lucky and been able to work on all sorts of feature films, from English gems to big American projects, in main team or in the crowd.

Some special moments? oh yes. London Boulevard, where I was assisting Christine Blundell and making sure we had enough people every day to take care of the crowd. My past as a PA served me well. Hugo, I was assisting hair designer Jan Archibald, and Barbara Taylor her crowd supervisor at the same time. Lots of running and juggling tasks for 6 months. Also the occasion to see Morag Ross working… First barbering cuts in the crowd with amazing barbers and hairdressers to tutor me through them. Amazing experience. Guardian of the Galaxy, being surrounded by tons of skilled hair and make-up artists making me forget we were actually just on Earth and not on some alien planet. Every week a new type of make-up, so much fun !  Fury, 10 weeks feet in the mud, climbing tanks to do touch-ups. Epic !

Learning on the job every day, from my peers, through personal research or workshops is something I love from being a make-up artist.

Make-up memories

titou makeupI remember being hypnotized by colours when my Mum was taking me to work in a Perfume shop, staying in the back-office playing with last season colours from Chanel and Dior. Lucky child !

I’ve always been even more attracted to this magic touch that make you look healthy, glowing, at your best. Maybe I should blame my Gran who gave me my 1st blusher when I was 14, demanding me to wear it as I was a really ill-looking teenager.

Random things about me :

  • I’ve been a speaker for the “Starting out” panel at the 2005 IMATS London
  • I’ve been listed in the “Make-up around the world” article in Make-up artist magazine n°54.
  • I am a right brain geek,  GTD user, marketing,HTML & CSS learner, always looking for a better way to get organized and prettify my life
  • My English car make me feel like a proper Londoner, I love it !
  • My favorite comfort food : Peanut butter on toasted bread, with tomato and spinach. You have to try it to get why.
  • Developed a slight addiction to Tea : Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Rooibos… Yes Please !
  • In love with social media but having strong ethics, I never share work pictures without production consent.


Feel free to connect me on Twitter @thatpascale or on Facebook or check my Linkedin profile.