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Save the Children

Save the Children contacted me some weeks ago to supervise the make-up&hair on a small spot for them with Peter SerafinowiczMatt Berry, Adil Ray, Joanna Scanlon and Idiots of ants.

It’s a fun little spot to raise awareness on what the charity has already achieved and the need to keep supporting them. Watch, enjoy and share please.


Corporate, jazz and a bit of Youtube action

Hi everybody

The year has started well, testing in Paris with a new but really promising photographer  Charlie Studio, doing also corporate shoots and one for a lovely Japanese jazz singer first album cover.

As the film industry is much quieter in Winter, it’s only normal to do more print and corporate.

I am quite excited to work Thursday on a spot for Save the children. Cast & crew are brilliant, I hope to take behind the scenes to show you all the madness I expect.

I have also started to do videos for my shop, answering questions of trainees and giving tips on how to start in the film industry.

Pictures to come soon.



Bye 2012, hello 2013 !

I won’t regret 2012. On a personal level it’s been hectic, on the professional side it’s been challenging but with amazing pleasures : I’ve been able to work with talented friends and colleagues. Projects have been so varied, no way I could get bored.

I’ve been so happy to work on The World’s end, directed by Edgar Wright, with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I was only working with the crowd but working with that team was a old dream come true.  The geek in me was over the moon. 

I don’t know what will come in 2013, but I know I’ll work hard to perfect my craft, develop my portfolio and grow my little shop. I’ve decided to put myself to a little challenge each month to mark the pace. We’ll see if it works and get me where I want to be next December. I’m happy as I’ve already got a couple of nice surprises, good news of work to come as well as nice things from previous work being shown and told.

May 2013 bring you more goodness than you expect, love, health and beautiful surprises to savor.

Filming, shooting, teaching…

Hi everyone,

Not too many things to show at the moment. I’ve been mostly working on films and so can’t take any pictures of the work or say anything about what I did.
I can say though that I have been lucky, working with fun crews, doing things I love.

The last 2 films I’ve been working on are Thor2 and The world’s end. Totally different in every way, but equally enjoyed.

I can’t wait to see them both on screen next year hopefully.

I have been teaching at CBMA again for airbrushing. The students were lovely and interested, we had lots of fun with stencils, such a great way to understand what the airbrush can do. The cleaning -the-gun part is always less enjoyable, but they did well and were quite focus to clean the Beast.

Cleaning your gun properly and thoroughly is essential to keep your airbrush working fine and trouble free. As I say : “if in doubt, clean it out !”

I’ve started working more on my shop the Neat Kit as well, starting a youtube channel and prepping lots of useful videos for make-up artists, trainees and students. Have a look over there !

I will have more pictures to show you soon.

Have a great week-end.


Shooting in New Forrest

Last week-end was full of magic and laughter. I was more than happy to shoot again with Parisian photographer extraordinaire Isshogai.

The locations were amazing : New Forrest, castles… Just dreamy.  I had a gorgeous model, lovely and so easy to work with (it was really cold, and I had to wake her up really early on Sunday, she kept her smile. She’s a star.)  To top it up,  we had animals ! Like this owl who was behaving like a sulking teenager at times.

I can’t wait to show you the results. The images will be posted on the website on a new clothing brand.

In the meant time, here are some behind the scene pictures.